Ambassador Ayham Saied

Dr . Ambassador  Ayham Saied AL Zoubani is member Advisory Board, African Legacy International. He lives in Germany City: Ludwigshafen. Doctorate of International Academy Graduate Studies Honorary
Doctorate of( World •University of Human Rights And Human Sciences )

1 -Doctorate of sims University Member of Amnesty International Ambassador of the International for Human Rights Organization

2 -Ambassador International Social Action Foundation
3 -Goodwill Ambassador The International Peace Committee  for Interfaith

Harmony the title of Master Trenng company Maakruzov
4 -PhD in humanitarian work from the University of Sims

Management consultant Faisal Foundation e-Learning

5 -A certified instructor with the Arab Parliamentary experts training Member of the year in volunteer and community services union He holds a number of certificates from Microsoft and Intel and other He also holds certificates from the College of Europe Natolin holds a certified technology expert teacher ((Microsoft education)) -In The Windows session holds Classroom

6-holds a Teaching session With Technology

7-holds The session In Windows Classroom

8-holds a Windows session In The Classroom Basics

9 -holds a Literacy course Digital

10 -holds a Teaching session With 2016

11 Technology-holds a Microsoft course In The Classroom

12 -Learning Design cycle holds 21st Century

  1. holds a Trainer course Academy (MIE) _ holds a Master Trainer (MIE)
  2. holds a Teacher Academy course: office365

16 -Certified Educator Community
17 – Contributor –Influencer

18 Community Educator certificate-certificate (MIE) Trainer

19 -Certified Teacher Academy: Onenote; the ultimat
Collaboration Tool

20 -holds a Technology course Enriched Instruction
21-holds a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator

22 -holds Teacher
Academy course: Windows10

23-holds Teacher course Academy: Office
Online and OneDrive

24 -holds a Teaching session With Technology
25 -certificate The Hour Of Code

26 -holds a hour College certificates

1_ Anti -Corruption

2_ Civil Society empowerment

3 _ cost-benefit analysis

4_ cross – border cooperation

5_ deep and comprehensive free trade area agreements DCFTA

6_ effective application for EU funding

7_ EU nd development cooperation including sources of funding

8_ fund – raising skills

9_ human rights protection

10_ integrated border management and migration policies

11 _ lobbying and legislative procedures

12 _ monitoring and evaluation

13 _ policy coordination and decision making for EU affairs

14 _ policy dialogue

15_ protection of financial interests of the union including financial control and audit anti-fraud As I Germany humanitarian assistance to all in need, regardless of religion and ethnicity Humanitarian Ambassador of the Organization SRUDI Representative and ambassador to the Blue Crescent in Germany
16 _A member of the World university of Human Rights Human science
17 _Academy permanent international global security and Humanities membership
18 _Medal Certificate (Mert)
19 _Medal and certificate (happiness)
20 _Medal and certificate (Legion of Honor Peace Corps
21 _Ambassador of Peace for peace advocates the rights of the organization OMDDH

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