5th – 7th September, 10:00-18:00, 2018
EKO Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

The World’s Largest Chinese Sourcing Expo Network, showcasing:

Textiles & Garments
Home Products
Home Appliance
Building Materials
Gifts & Premiums

The Expo is strategically organized in partnership with African Legacy International, a Non-Partisan, Non-Profit making, Non-Governmental Organization solely committed to the promotion and preservation of African Legacy and cultural values, through effective intellectual engagements and business exposition to advance the course of African development and progress, within the context of global developmental needs have both resolved to vigorously pursue the course of this event to bring economic development to Nigeria.

The consistent progression in human needs and complexity of the modern society have resulted to a corresponding need in value creation to provide the required synergy and support amongst various nations to strengthen their corporate value chains, deepen market reach to achieve some economic and cultural benefits that would have been difficult to realize without effective collaboration in trade and commerce. This development has provided the leverage and enabling platforms amongst citizens of various nations to inter-dependently function and collectively harness their natural potentials for their mutual corporate benefits to meet the demands of the larger society.

It has been observed over the years that Africa business enterprise has the potentials for expansion and growth but this desire has remained a tall dream, frustrating the efforts of many Africa entrepreneurs engaged in commerce and trade, at least, at the micro-economic level due to the lack of effective business EXPO that would provide the much desired opportunities at the global level to meet individuals of similar business interest. More so, we are of the view that the burden of state affairs tends to make the effort of Government in this direction of less impact and, requires the complimentary role of the private sector to organize a well robust business colloquium and exposition that will trigger-off chains of economic reactions towards Nigeria social advancement and wellbeing.

The event is the uncommon gathering of Chinese’s Investors and Nigerian businesses, organizations of economic value interest, products and services. It is an integrated campaign well designed to reward participants at various levels of businesses, as well as provide the platform for the successful cross-pollination of ideas and interface amongst diverse business concerns of over 2500 brands, a mixture of local and international astute business moguls and experts to critically fashion a common purpose for their vast business empire in an uncommon manner that transcends the frontiers of their internal enclosure and old ways of doing business, opening up better opportunities for trade and commerce.





Nigeria with an estimated population of nearly 200 million remains the average entrepreneur’s dreamland in Africa and by extension globally. Nigeria does not only provide varying business opportunities in terms of wider consumers market and patronage, with a relative increase in investment portfolios and returns in economic fortune, thereby making her the delight of most business concerns and commercial hub of Africa

To this end, it has constantly remained one of the few countries with the highest population for strategic market share expansion and product innovation to meet local demands. However, we have observed with disdain the slow pace of development and growth due to lack of national consultation and cohesion among the Nigeria business community; private and public sector leaders and stakeholders which this platform is fully committed to offer.


= Foster and build a strong business community amongst Nigeria entrepreneurs with their Chinese counterpart

=Build awareness and appreciation for strategic business partnership

=Encourage increase in china foreign investment in Nigeria

=Achieve improved economic and cultural relationship between the Chinese Government and host Nigerian communities

=Ensure improved economic activities and job opportunity for our teeming youth population

=Encourage entrepreneurship development

=Improve our gross domestic product

=Encourage direct purchase of made in china products from manufacturers with a relative reduction in price


=Higher appeal for Nigerian corporate brands

=Higher revenue generation through sales and exhibitions

=Building a unique platform for corporate success story

=Signature for excellence in strategic business collaboration

=Platform to encourage entrepreneurship development and growth in Nigeria

=Encourage corporate value chains and business expansion

=Open more investment opportunities for foreign investors


Our commitment therefore is to provide an enabling platform for individual entrepreneurs in Nigeria to effectively interact with the China business counterparts, captains of industries and well respected private business concerns, in order to cushion the effects of long absence from the global business scène and prevent further proportionate decrease in business fortunes and human capacity development. Africa Legacy International is championing the course of Africa business globalization to preserve Africa Legacy and cultural values, enhance her natural potentials to achieve new foliage of life for Nigeria and Nigerians. Achieving this requires a host of varieties of interest, sense of purpose, commitment, sacrifices, trust and professional competence in providing the basis for our rich culture of quality service delivery which has remained our enviable testimonial and hallmark of our achievement over the years.

With all modesty, as major players in this sector we shall deploy these enviable credentials as proof of our years of quality service delivery to ensure the success of this China Home Life in Nigeria. A promise we shall keep.

Please for enquires about the 1st China Home Life in Nigeria, visit to get a free pass quickly by completing the registration or contact for more information.

See you in Lagos Nigeria at EKO Convention Centre, Victoria Island from 5th – 7th September, 10:00-18:00