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ENGR. ZUHIER AL-RASHDAN is an Advisory Board Member of African Legacy International

He worked as an agricultural engineer in the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture from 1994 until 2013
He worked as a Committee Chairman and a member of many electoral courses for municipal, parliamentary and youth councils. He worked as a member of the Committee on Public Health and Safety
He worked as a member of the Security Council

He worked as a member in many seminars and national dialogue and business. Public sector serving the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. He worked with governmental and popular bodies that serve the agricultural sector and non-agricultural. He has been an active member of civil society and have provided many courses, programs, economic and awareness programs

Current jobs at the moment
He works as a consultant for external relations in the Organization of Tolerance and World Peace and one of its editors on Facebook. He works as a volunteer consultant with the achievement of (K) Jordan and volunteer activist with it
He works as a consultant in international arbitration.

He works as a consultant for administrative affairs in the World Federation for the Protection of Children. He is a member of the International Parliament of Human Development Scientists. A member of the Global Initiative for Humanitarian Leaders and member of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. A member, Arab International Organization and member of the Executive Committee of the Jordanian National Initiative. He works as Chairman of the Jordanian Rawabi Environmental Society

Some certificates of appreciation and honor obtained
1 – Certificate of Appreciation Award (the parents of Hussein code and construction)
2- Honorary Doctorate degree with honors from the University of Al-Hayat Al-Fatwa in comprehensive development and promotion of the concepts of voluntary work and stability of national and international peace
3 – A PhD from the Global Initiative for Human Leadership
4 – Honorary Doctorate degree from the State of Palestine / Supreme Council of Palestinian Media
5 – A letter of thanks from the Yemeni destination for human rights
6. Certificate of thanks from INJAZ for my work as a volunteer consultant
7 – A letter of thanks from the World Peace Team / USAID in Amman
8. A letter of thanks from the World Council for Peace and Human Rights
9. Letter of thanks from the Organization for Tolerance and International Peace
10. Many thank-you books issued by Jordanian government institutions and civil society

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