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KADIE SESAY-HARRELL, a member of the Advisory Board, African Legacy International. She lives in New York, USA


  • John Jay College of Criminal Justices

New York, New York

  • Bachelor’s of Art in Forensic Psychology Major: Forensic Psychology
  • Nassau Community College Garden City, New York
  • Associate of Science Major: Criminal Justices


  • Investigative, Interviewing, and Interrogation Workshop.
  • Crisis Prevention Training.
  • Performance Evaluation Policy and Procedure Training.
  • Family Development of Training and Credentialing Program.
  • PACT Training Human Dynamics.



  • Homeless outreach, 5 year plan to end homelessness in New York City.


  • New York City Department of Homeless Services, New York Bronx, NY

2010- Present:

  • Family Worker/Fraud Investigator Level II
  • Interviewing applicants in courteous and professional manner
  • Marinating a case record with standardized forms and database documents
  • Obtaining, examine, analyzing financial record.
  • Applying agency criteria and formula in order to initiate applicant’s continuum of service
  • Performing in depth investigations of families calming homelessness in courteous and professional manner
  • Maintaining case notes and entries that are accurate and legible.
  • Make appropriate   referrals to outside prevention services


  • Associate Fraud Investigator/Team Leader Level I
  • Supervised fraud Investigator responsible for interviewing and screening applicant families to determine their eligibility for shelter.
  • I supervised Fraud Investigators, act as liaison to landlords, interact with other city agencies and community based organization to facilitate
  • Supervised subordinates by examining submitted case record and documentation to ensure the integrity of the application and eligibility determination process.
  • Determined scope and method of investigation based on departmental policy, the accessibility of information and serious of the matter to be
  • Investigated complaints charging applicants fraud in homeless cases.
  • Interviewed program applicants, their relative, neighbors, acquaintances and employers,
  • Verified information obtained by checking it against other sources.
  • Followed lead in order to assure a complete investigation.
  • Worked closely with attorneys in social services and District Attorney’s office any New York City Police
  • Department handling each fraud and criminal persecution.
  • Prepared a concise factual report for each investigation including step taken, visits and contacts made, witnesses questioned, statements and affidavits taken and fact established.
  • Search and located public and private documents in order to locate individual extract pertinent information.
  • Serve 4002’s or eligibility or ineligible documents for attorneys.


  • Fraud Investigator Level I
  • Performed investigation with varying degrees of difficulty and responsibility, pertaining to fraud activities involving social benefit
  • Performed initial screening interviews of clients and prospective clients.
  • Examined and analyzed client’s personal financial, public agency records.
  • Prepared and maintained case record and made referrals to other agencies to evaluate case information with child neglect or domestic violence abuse
  • Maintained only activity log of all client’s case record.
  • Acted as a HERO liaison by prepared and offered placement to clients.
  • Checked and read information on Welfare Management System (WMS) and other data in order to determined status of public Assistance.
  • Incorporated Welfare Management System (WMS) data retrieved to assess needs of client and formulated recommendation for emergency services
  • Provided clients information pertinent to placement status and referred client for available services at the Emergency Assistance Unit (EAU) including Domestic Violence, Administration for children’s services (ACS),
  • Board of Education (BOE), Lincoln Medical Facility and Human Resources Administration Diversions Unit.
  • Diffused potential disputes between clients.
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