Mohamed Hanout is an Advisory Board Member, African Legacy International

Mohamed Haout is a Journalist for radio and television hosts. Expert in immigration and intercultural,
Promoter at the Volunter at the Festival Carriere Internazionali – Rome.

Member of United Press Office for United and Co-Mai in Co-Mai

President of the International Immigrant Association.

The International Association of Foreigners is registered and registered on 07/07/2002, Registered in the Ministry of the Interior, Rome Security Directorate (Costura de Roma), the Immigration and Foreigners Sector in the Register of Recognized Associations and works in the field of services and integration of foreigners.

Member of the El Fath Islamic Association Rome and Lazio Councilor of the Arab League of Egypt in Lazio.
Elected in the Council of the City of Rome as a representative of the foreign communities

He graduated in an agronomist attending the third year in political science, International Relations
(Roma Tre University) .

Master in Economic and Intercultural Migration Law – MEDIM,

Mohamed has published articles in newspapers and on Arab sites

He made the radio host with a program called “Here Cairo from Rome”, from here he made 20 episodes talking about immigration in general in the Egyptian and Muslim communities interviewing politicians and journalists and examples of the history of immigration.

Also in several Arab satellite channels, analyzing political situations and immigration and intercultural dialogue.

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