The world is more and more interconnected but it does not mean that individuals and societies really live together – as reveal the exclusions suffered by millions of poor, women, youth, migrants and disenfranchised minorities.

Dialogue between cultures, the oldest and most fundamental mode of democratic conversation, is an antidote to rejection and violence. Its objective is to enable us to live together peacefully and constructively in a multicultural world and to develop a sense of community and belonging.

Today there is more information, technology and knowledge available than ever before, but adequate wisdom is still needed to prevent conflicts, to eradicate poverty or to make it possible for all to learn in order to live in harmony in a safe world.

In our increasingly diverse societies, it is essential to ensure harmonious interaction among people and groups with plural, varied and dynamic cultural identities as well as their willingness to live together. Policies for the inclusion and participation of all citizens are guarantees of social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peace.


  1. Gather experts in the fields well as institutional representatives involved in cultural diplomacy activities at different levels.
  2. To promote the idea of cultural value as a vehicle for dialogue between leaders at national and international level.
  3. Debate on the role of culture in the education process.
  4. To present innovative ways to ensure national security based on cultural and international appreciation, based on cultural diplomacy and intercultural dialogue.
  5. Giving voice to academics and other agents that contribute to the promotion of cultural diplomacy globally.
  6. Promote a historic meeting to discuss a global issue of great relevance.